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Emmanuel Angulo

Work Experience

Summer 2014

Intern-Carpinteria City Planning Department

As an intern at the City of Carpinteria office I was responsible for putting together design guidelines for the neighborhood of Concha Loma.

Summer 2015

While my time at Home Designs I worked on site plans and Sections for a single family home.

Summer 2016

Intern-Home Designs

As an intern I was responsible for the exterior elevation of a renovation project for a single family home.  Along with visits to the city and county of Santa Barbara offices for architectural reviews with the principle designer.   As well as site visits to ongoing and future projects.

Intern- Home Designs



Arizona State University




Idea building   Autocad    Rhino    sketchup 
  Rendering    time management    Creative Initiatives


I grow up playing soccer from an early age and it continues to be a big part of my life.  I also enjoy photography and film.  Sneakers are one of my new interest that I have picked up in the last few years.  Growing up in a family that owns a restaurant cooking also became a big part of life.

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